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Sea Moss Gel

Erewhon Sea Moss Gel, featured in many of our Erewhon Smoothies, offers a range of wellness elixirs: Golden Sol for gut health, Venus Vibes for beauty, Neptune Blue for energy, Cosmic Berry for immunity, Mother Earth for detox, and Pure Luna for skincare. Each blend is rich in natural ingredients like ginger, turmeric, and elderberry, catering to holistic health needs. Customize your experience with a 2-pack option with express shipping available from Monday to Wednesday.


Product type
Erewhon Cosmic Berry Sea Moss Gel-Erewhon
Erewhon Golden Sol Sea Moss Gel-Erewhon
Erewhon Neptune Blue Sea Moss Gel-Erewhon
Erewhon Mother Earth Sea Moss Gel-Erewhon
Erewhon Pure Luna Sea Moss Gel-Erewhon
Erewhon Venus Vibes Sea Moss Gel-Erewhon