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At Erewhon, we’re driven to enhance the health of our community by providing organic, ethically-sourced foods that support our bodies and our planet. We find purpose in sustaining a community centered in caring, curiosity, and positive change.

We’re more than a grocery store. We’re a community.


Organic and Seasonal Produce

Dive into Erewhon’s vibrant selection of fresh produce, where each fruit and vegetable is sourced to align with strict organic and seasonal farming practices.

Shop with the assurance that you’re not only getting peak freshness but also contributing to sustainable agriculture.

Eco-Conscious Selection

At Erewhon, every item from household cleaners to skincare is chosen for its ecological and ethical merits.

This commitment supports a network of local, family-owned businesses that prioritize the planet and fair labor practices.

Organic Farming Excellence

Erewhon meticulously selects products that support sustainable, organic, and biodynamic farming practices.

By committing to non-GMO and non-irradiated techniques, Erewhon guarantees that your food choices contribute positively to both health and environment.


Throughout the 1900s, the food industry abandoned its commitment to nutritional value. The pressure to feed a growing population led to the end of sustainable farming and a steep decline in food quality. This was the context that inspired the birth of Erewhon.

In the 1960s, Aveline and Michio Kushi—a Japanese couple who became leaders of the Natural Foods Movement—decided that it was time to audit what they were allowing into their bodies. Their market, named Erewhon after one of their favorite books, became the first natural foods store in the country.

Our first market was a 10’ by 20’ stall below street-level in Boston, which consisted of a small counter and a few cedar shelves.  Soon, Erewhon moved to Los Angeles and became a rare provider of natural foods, sourcing organic products that were difficult to come by. The vision behind Erewhon was simple yet ambitious: By filling our bodies with the best the earth has to offer, we can become our best selves. 

Over fifty years later, that idea still stands.