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Kefir Soda Watermelon Lime | 6-Pack-Erewhon

Kefir Soda Watermelon Lime | 6-Pack


Dive into the refreshing blend of Erewhon's Kefir Soda Watermelon Lime. This six-pack combines the coolness of artesian spring water with the effervescence of kefir cultures, creating a lively, gut-friendly drink. Each bottle bursts with the sweet juiciness of watermelon and the tangy zest of lime, offering a thirst-quenching flavor that revitalizes your senses.

With 24 probiotic strains, it promotes a healthy microbiome and supports digestive health. Free of refined sugars and artificial additives, this beverage is a wholesome choice. Order by 1 pm PST, Monday through Wednesday, for 2-day air shipping. Please refrigerate immediately upon arrival.

Erewhon Beverages

Explore the hand-picked selection from the Erewhon Beverage wall, designed to quench your thirst with a sip of delightful and nutritious refreshment.

Our range includes everything from invigorating non-alcoholic drinks to naturally fermented Kefir soda, each crafted to offer a unique taste experience.


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For Erewhon Kefir Soda, please refrigerate immediately upon delivery.

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Kefir Soda Watermelon Lime | 6-Pack


The Erewhon Standard

Everything at Erewhon has been curated to support your health journey. As a Certified Organic Grocer, we seek out organic, biodynamic, and regenerative products that respect the planet, nourish our community, and support local farms.

In our Protein department, we stock grass-fed, cage-free products that adhere to animal welfare practices. Our seafood is sustainably sourced and packaged with cold chain technology to ensure freshness without chemicals or unnatural preservatives.  


About Erewhon

Erewhon is an independent, family-owned Certified B Corp and Certified Organic Retailer with 10 locations across Southern California. Since 1968, we’ve been providing organic, ethically-sourced foods to our community.

We’re committed to sourcing healthy, nutrient-dense products, backing local growers and brands, and supporting the environment.

Recognized for our uncompromising quality standards and customer service, we sustain a community centered in caring, curiosity, and positive change.


We Support

We pride ourselves on collaborating with partners who share our mission of being a force for good on the planet.

By championing fair-trade practices and fair wages, we ensure that all of our products are ethically sourced.

We give preference to items with stringent third-party certifications, including:



Kefir Soda

Erewhon Kefir Soda is packed with probiotics and yeasts to support a healthy microbiome. Each can is filled with Artesian spring water, fermented with Kefir cultures, and naturally sweetened with cold-pressed juices.

The result is a refreshing, effervescent drink without any refined sugars or artificial additives. Available in four refreshing flavors: POG, Green Apple Jasmine, Watermelon Lime, and Ginger.



Explore the hand-picked selection from the Erewhon Beverage wall, designed to quench your thirst with a sip of delightful and nutritious refreshment.



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Erewhon's best sellers are a curated selection of health-conscious products, loved by our community.

From wildcrafted sea moss to nutritional supplements, these favorites embody wellness and sustainability for the conscious consumer.


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